The appointment at Katelewis Design

Improve the visibility of your website and the quality of your online visual identity with the help of a web agency. V Concept Design listens to your needs.

Communication advice

Communication advice

Traffic optimisation, creation of a tailor-made communication plan such as

Web mobile mobile development

Web & mobile & mobile development

Development of mobile applications, native or web app solutions.

Graphic design and web design

Creation of graphic elements, charter and graphic design.

Katelewis Design accompanies you for a unique experience

Katelewis Design accompanies you for a unique experience

The digital communication agency has solid skills and unique know-how in the design, development, management and monitoring of any web project.

In the definition of an effective digital strategy, in favour of the site’s tree structure, the web design agency acts as an expert in digital and web marketing. As the ideal partner for your online business, it helps you build a successful digital business in a matter of weeks. Our support ranges from website creation, technical website design, graphic web design interfaces to SEO and mobile development.

Increasing website traffic is one of the subjects it masters to the letter. Indeed, the web agency optimises the development of sales by encouraging better site traffic with the help of various effective tools and methods.

Developing your digital presence step by step!

A strong online presence needs to be built up step by step to achieve better results in the long term. The ideal web presence combines several web marketing strategies: inbound marketing strategy, social media strategy, content strategy, SEO strategy…

Website creation and redesign

Optimised visual communication is based on the quality of the ergonomic and graphic design of the site, such as The web agency proceeds as well to the creation as to the redesign of a commercial site or an e-shop.

Redesigning your website

Carry out a partial or total redesign of your website.

Create a tailor-made website

Customise the creation of a website to your image.

Functionality that meets your expectations

The web agency designs tailor-made web solutions to meet all expectations. It uses web technologies and advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) to create a website, a logo, a mobile application, etc.

Every time, the functionalities of the web or mobile solution respond to major challenges in terms of digital business. The agency also specialises in choosing the right domain name for your brand/company and effective lead generation techniques.

The graphic representation of your identity

The visual identity of a brand is essentially based on its graphic elements. The graphic representation remains a domain that a web design agency masters from A to Z. Its support is essential.

Logo design

A logo in accordance with your needs and values.

Graphic charter

A charter optimised for the user experience.

Packaging & branding

A better visual communication online.

UX/UI design

UX/UI design

Enhanced interface and user experience.

Selling through E-commerce

Selling through E-commerce, acquiring & retaining your audience

E-commerce is growing worldwide in parallel with the advent of digital technology. The web offers marketers a potential source of traffic for their business activities.

It all starts with the creation of an e-commerce site optimised to your image. The web agency takes care of this, no matter how big your project is and what sector of activity you need to consider. The acquisition of a stable traffic and the development of a loyal audience will then depend on the quality of the offers, the user experience offered and the speed of the page loading. Convenient payment methods and free delivery are also important.

Become No 1 on GOOGLE

The zero position on Google is achieved through a content strategy, optimization, refinement and a quality backlink strategy. Performing an SEO audit is essential to increase your chances of becoming #1 on search engines.

Keyword strategy

Keyword strategy

Integrating relevant keywords into web content and creating rich semantics.

Optimisation and refinement

Optimising your site in terms of icons, tags, fonts, typography and visual elements.



Integrate internal links and external links pointing to your site, the principle of netlinking.